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Simply fill out the form and our account manager will reach out to you within 7 business days to confirm the receipt and provide the next steps in the ordering process. Send us inspirations, sketches, and designs and we will turn your ideas into reality. Let us know exactly what it is that you are looking for with colours, graphics, and exact logo placements and we'll have our designers create mockups for you to review. Our graphic team will assist you throughout the process.


  • All prices are in CAD and include shipping and duty.

  • Minimum order quantity is 100 bottles per design.

  • Minimum order quantity for Purist Insulated w/ Chromatek is 50 units.

  • Bottle colours, cap colours and bottle sizes can be swapped in increments of 50 so long as the print remains the same.

  • 8 ink colors max on 2nd Gen, Purist & Team bottles. Printing on the neck is limited to 2 colours.

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